Thursday, May 14, 2009

Glutino cookies

Wow, it has been an exhausting couple of days! I have been home with a sick toddler. He is much better now and is back to playing with his good friends while I work.

But now my computer is gravely ill and at the tech hospital. Pray for a speedy recovery. I am inputting this blog entry at work so it will have to be short and sweet.

I had every intention of telling you about one of the recipes that I have adapted to be GF, but alas, that is not possible today.

Instead, I bring you another GF product review: Glutino's Chocolate Wafers coated in Chocolate.

These were wonderful, with light crispy wafers with creamy smooth chocolate coating. The wafer to chocolate ratio was perfect. The chocolate melted nicely in my mouth. These would be wonderful savored with a cup of coffee. Not like how I ate them: standing at the counter, cramming them in my mouth for a chocolate fix while my cranky and sick toddler clutched at my legs begging to be held for the 23rd hour that day. Sigh.

They were about 4 inches long and about .75 inches wide and high. At $4.99 a box, these were quite pricey. However, if you are in need of satisfying a wafer cookie fix or even a candy bar craving, these are perfect.

Enjoy and be well,

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