Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swine flu be gone!

photo by bradjward

Oh H1N1, you swine, you! You snuck into my house disguised as a chest cold on the innocent mouth and nose of my husband. You were so benign in he, your first victim, that we didn't suspect it was you. Not a temperature was taken. A brow was raised at the depth of his cough, but H1N1, we thought we were safe from you. He was able to go to work and function as normal. He was fine in days. We thought we were safe.

We held a fabulous goodbye party for a dear coworker. Thirty people, a handful of them children, came to our house to celebrate her work and wish her well in her new adventure. All the while, H1N1, you lurked in the nasal passages of my son and the bronchial tubes of my chest. We had no symptoms, yet you were there, shedding your reproductions with our every breath. How many innocent victims did you attack that evening? Everyone was exposed.

You didn't unveil your true nature until the day after the party. You unleashed your fury on my young son. The morning after the party he awoke with the terrible fever you wrought. His body pained him, his nose overflowed, his cough was deep and terrible. Hours later your vengeance hit me like a big rig truck. I was down and down hard.

Fearing secondary complications we secured a Tamiflu prescription for young C and began fighting you as soon as we could. The next day your powers began to wane in him, but you were still fighting the battle. By the second day of the prescription is was clear that C was going to win the battle and you, Swiney, were going to lose! Ha! What a mighty rapier Tamiflu was! C's fever was gone and his symptoms cleared. We waited 24 hours so your evil minions would not spread and then we took him to his daycare today. What a victory for C!

I was not so lucky. The sword of Tamiflu was not awarded to me. I had to battle your vileness on my own. But battle I did. The aches were severe; a simple touch caused much pain. Sleep avoided the entire scene leaving me restless and weary. My nose it ran like a river, my sinuses inflamed and my glands were swollen and painful. My head felt as if it would explode. And even with my best weapons, ibuprofen and the real sudafed, you seemed to win battle after battle. My fever stayed high (102) and the pains remained. I could do nothing to help myself, let alone my sweet, sick C.

Luckily my DH was able to take time off of work to help us at home. Thank you Love. You are the best!

And today things are looking better. Although your minions may be powerful, they lack stamina. The tide has begun to turn, the symptoms are dissipating and I am starting the win the battles.

Please don't get this awful flu. My DD, E, has escaped thus far. Or, if you do, may you get it mildly, like my DH.

I will be back soon. I just need to rest.



  1. The lovely H1N1 has visited my home as well. My wife has been down and out for nearly a week and now our daughter has a 103 degree fever. Good times. Hope you feel better.

  2. I hope you get better soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out my pancetta cookie recipe.