Thursday, June 18, 2009

DH is fine, hosptial food is not

My DH had spinal surgery on the 15th of June. It went very well. He was released to come home the day of the surgery. Now he is managing his pain and working on his recovery. He is expected to do very well after some down time. Yay!

The food at the hospital was an adventure. The new hospital in Springfield (Riverbend) is beautiful and the cafeteria is really nice, if you can eat gluten. I have to give them credit, they had a nice variety of salads and prepackaged dressing that would have worked for me, but I needed more. I was stressed and wanted something warm and comfortable to eat. I figured it is a new, first class hospital, surely they know how to serve the gluten free in Lane County.

Well, not really. I walked away from the sandwich deli when I didn't see any GF bread, avoided the pizza/pasta section and didn't see anything hopeful in the "Chef's Choice" section. I wandered over to the another section that had Asian and Indian fare. I was hopeful. I asked and was shown the rice (duh) and then was pointed to the obvious gluten items like breaded chicken, potstickers and egg rolls. Good start. Then it was suggested I have the teryaki chicken. Alarm bell. Does it have soy sauce in it? Yes. Is it gluten-free soy sauce or tamari? Blank stare. I walked away. I couldn't take the chance.

As luck would have it there is a Cafe Yumm on the first floor, far from the cafeteria (we have Cafe Yumms all over town and I am quite familiar with their GF fare). There I found my comfort food. I had a Yumm Bowl which is GF! Hurray for Cafe Yumm!

If you not familiar with Cafe Yumm you might want to give them a try. Their company reflects many of my personal values: sustainability, supporting local farmers and businesses, recycling and organic. Their Yumm Bowls are all gluten free and are delicious combinations of beans, rice, veggies and Yumm sauce. The combination of flavors and textures creates a soul satisfying taste sensation that keeps you filled for hours.

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