Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Question: GF in Disney World?

I do have another tasty GF recipe post coming soon, but first I need your help.

I am hoping that you all can help me with suggestions for making our upcoming trip to Disney World an easy and memorable GF experience. We visit in February and I want to begin making dining reservations soon. If you have ever been there and have helpful advise, suggestions or tips, please let me know by leaving a comment.

I have visited this website: This is pretty helpful, but there is only one entry for 2009 and a few for 2007 and 2006.

From what I have gathered, if I make reservations and indicate that I am GF, most of the sit-down dining establishments can accommodate me. Unfortunately I am going with a larger group of people that don't really want to set a schedule. As you know, spontaneous can be scary if you are GF.

But, we are talking about the Magic Kingdom here. Can I be somewhat spontaneous outside of the quick service restaurants? It would be really helpful if you have any experience with just walking into a Disney World restaurant and requesting GF. Were they able to serve you something? Was it tasty?
Thank you in advance!!


  1. Hey, I have exactly that experience and it was great! I was with someone who didn't like to plan too and was grazing on most of the vendors around outside. I ate in a place that was pretty casual in Frontierland, and I just ordered at the counter and asked for gluten free. The cook came out and said "who's got the allergy" and discussed with me what my issues were. The gluten free bun my food came with was very good.

    I also ate at the 50's Primetime Cafe in Hollywood Studios, also without a booking and they were really accomodating there too. I don't think gluten was an issue in my main meal, but they made a special sundae for me with dairy free icecream for dessert.

    So, basically if you're with people who want to eat turkey legs and candy corn, then you might find it hard. But sneaking away to that place in Frontierland is great. I found any of the sit down places to be excellent. The other thing is one of the stands sells baked potatoes with sour cream and butter, so if dairy isn't an option then that could be ok. Let me know if you have any more questions. Disney is allergy friendly paradise!!

  2. I think this might be the place I went to

    I had the pulled pork sandwich thing, it came with apple and baked beans from memory.

  3. Hi Amy,
    Just wondering if you were still planning on participating in this month's Adopt a Gluten-free Blogger event at Book of Yum. Just let me know. Thanks! :)
    By the way, you should have no trouble at Disney World. Disney Land was a snap- I reviewed it on my blog. You shouldn't have to just do reservations, either. My favorite meal at DisneyLand was GF pizza at tomorrowland in the big cafeteria- I told the chef behind the counter and they'd go in the back and prepare my pizza in a totally safe environment, fully conscious of CC concerns. They also had salads. And, I don't know about the candy corn, but I'm also pretty sure the turkey legs are ok. Just get the GF safe list from their office when you first go in and it should be no problem navigating the gluten-free meals. They are also good about helping you, even at buffet restaurants, on walk in. I easily get sick and had no gluten contamination issues at all when visiting Disneyland.


  4. Thank you to thisgirlsjourney and Sea for letting me know that I will be able to be spontaneous with my eating at Disneyworld. Who wants to rush all the way across the park to make a reservation? I can't even imagine the joy of dragging my tired and hungry 2 and 7 year olds away from the place selling Mickey shaped pretzels, to the restaurant holding my reservation. Not pretty. The other tips and advice were so helpful too.

    And kazza77, thanks for the tip on the pulled pork sammies. I LOVE pulled pork and miss eating it. I will certainly take this opportunity to enjoy an old fave.

    I can't wait to go. Less than 4 weeks away!